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Cost of Treatments

I believe accessible natural medicine is essential. I strive to make the cost of treatments affordable. Acupuncture is a folk medicine for everyone. Sliding scale pricing is available (based on income) after the first visit. Cash, check, debit/credit, and HSA cards are accepted forms of payment. Though I do not bill insurance, at this time, I can provide you a superbill to submit after each session.

Some people are able to pay more than $85 per session which off sets the costs of running the practice and allows me to offer the need based sliding scale fee structure for others. While $85 is the set price of sessions, my free scale ranges from $50-$100. If you have any questions about this pricing structure feel free to reach out. The whole point of this is to make care accessible! 

The initial visit is $125 (90 minutes)

Follow up acupuncture sessions are $85 (60-75 minutes depending on scheduling and bodywork needs)

cupping sessions or herbal consultations are $50 (30 mins)

I do require a card on file for first visits but your card will not be charged before the session. After booking, you should receive an email confirmation and then reminders later via email and text. I do charge a $50 late cancellation fee for appointments cancelled after the 24 hour window. Please understand that no shows or late cancelations directly impact others who are waiting to get on the schedule and my income as a self employed practitioner.


What to Expect at Your First Session

The initial session will last about 90 minutes, including intake and treatment. We will sit and talk for about 30 minutes to get a complete health history. Since Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to patient care, you may be asked what seem to be unrelated questions (your ability to tolerate heat or cold, what kinds of foods you crave, etc). But your answers, along with your tongue and pulse diagnosis, are essential to identifying your unique patterns in Chinese Medicine. We treat patterns of imbalance in the body that create the dis-ease you may be experiencing.


*Please wear loose fitting clothing (especially pants that roll up over the knee) and short sleeves. It is a good idea to have a snack before acupuncture, please do not arrive hungry. Some people may briefly feel light headed or dizzy after their first acupuncture treatment, that's why eating a little something before sessions is so important.


It may take several visits to see significant improvement with your condition(s). If you are beginning treatment for chronic pain, weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks are recommended. After the first session, we will work together to create a treatment plant that works for your schedule and budget. Of course, acupuncture is most effective when you schedule regular sessions! Some people only need a few treatments, others make acupuncture a part of their lives, coming in for sessions weekly, monthly, or at the change of each season.

Beautiful Natural Forest Dawn Background.jpg
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