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Chinese Medicine is more than acupuncture.



10-15 minutes of acupressure massage, tui na, or gua sha can be incorporated into acupuncture sessions for pain management. I do not offer massage and bodywork sessions separate from acupuncture though, only in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. 

In the future, up to 30 minutes of targeted bodywork will be available as an add on option. Stay tuned! 

Super Health Food

TCM Food Therapy

We can create a personalized herbal or food therapy plan. Did you know that foods have energetic temperatures? Maybe you are already eating healthy but you just don't feel your best. Some foods may be too warming or too cooling for your body type. I will explain the principles, indications, and actions of food or herbs that are right for you to support your digestion. I believe eating real food is our best medicine. While supplements can be helpful, the most effective way to get your vitamins and minerals is directly from your diet. Get some guidance or inspiration to stay on track with healthy, seasonal eating.

Medicinal Herb

Herbal Consults

While, herbal formula recommendations are always included with acupuncture sessions you can schedule  herbal consults independent of acupuncture sessions. Please note that you will need to cover the cost of herbs separately. Most formulas range from $15 to $30 for a 2 to 3 week supply. 


Cupping Sessions

Cupping is a therapeutic technique for breaking up stagnation and moving qi and blood. The cups can either be left stationary over acupuncture points/adhesions or moved along sore muscles and meridians. Moving, or slide cupping, lifts connective tissue and encourages movement within the lymphatic system and promotes blood circulation. Cupping helps to reduce local inflammation, relieving tension and pain.

I offer $50/30 minute cupping only sessions to existing clients. These appointments can be scheduled separate from regular acupuncture appointments but not through online booking. 

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